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Key Topics from the 21st Annual Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit

Being Chicagoans, we were quite proud of the outstanding summer weather we all enjoyed as a great backdrop to the 21st Annual Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit.   Read more

The Convergence of Wellness & Consumerism in Health Care

The relevancy of current health care brands such as UK Meds is under distress in the era of population health given the collision course of these two concepts: Wellness and Consumerism. On the one hand, value-added health care is rooted in the paradigm shift to keep populations well and minimize hospital intervention.  On the other, given more patient financial responsibility and higher deductibles, consumer control and choice is greater than ever when “shopping” the price of health care. Read more

Health Care Ride Share

H&HN Magazine recently reported about health systems partnering with ride sharing services Uber and Lyft in order to help patients find reliable transportation for their appointments. It’s important for health care communicators to understand why that’s not surprising and how the new model of health care will continue to drive health providers to innovate around new ways of engaging with patients.

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3 Ways to Live Your Pediatric Brand Through Evidence-Based Design

Bringing your health care brand to life within your walls can always be challenging. And with smaller patients come both greater challenges and importance in bringing your brand to life through your facilities. Read more

Your Hospital Brand and the Care-Giving Conundrum

With many Americans living longer lives, the issue of costly long-term care for loved ones is real and more daunting than ever. You would suspect that the majority of the responsibility falls to the Boomers and you would be correct. However, a formidable percentage of Millennials has had to step up, too. In fact, over 25% of those providing care for their parents are between 18 and 34 years old, according to the AARP Policy Institute. With over 40 million of Americans claiming to be caregivers in 2013, the likelihood for additional Millennials playing this role moving forward is a given. Read more

Integrating Digital Design in Health Care

Creating integrated designs across traditional and digital media can be daunting for hospitals and health systems that are battling marketing budget cuts, lack of centralized resources, or even lack of resources at all. Here's a tutorial on how to tackle this common challenge.

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The Usefulness of Physician Online Reviews

The practice of online reviews isn’t surprising and is just a natural extension of the proliferation of categories and services consumers regularly provide and read reviews in the spirit of making better-informed decisions. Most health care providers have felt the pressure building to support or strategize around patient reviews of hospital and doctor visits.  If you’re considering a strategy around reviews or just beginning, here are 4 factors to consider: Read more

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