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The Usefulness of Physician Online Reviews

The practice of online reviews isn’t surprising and is just a natural extension of the proliferation of categories and services consumers regularly provide and read reviews in the spirit of making better-informed decisions. Most health care providers have felt the pressure building to support or strategize around patient reviews of hospital and doctor visits.  If you’re considering a strategy around reviews or just beginning, here are 4 factors to consider: Read more

Lights, camera, honesty

Tips for creating genuine, compelling patient testimonial campaigns.

Patients can serve as honest spokesmen for your brand. Who is more compelling than the person whose life was saved or whose life was returned to normal? But credibility is key. We’re so conditioned as consumers to view advertising as stage play that we have a tendency to accept testimonials only with skepticism. The trick is to capture the truth about people, not necessarily their ailment or even their physician.

With that in mind, here are a few guidelines for upping the honesty of your next testimonial campaign. Read more

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