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Posts from the ‘Population Health’ Category

Health Care Ride Share

H&HN Magazine recently reported about health systems partnering with ride sharing services Uber and Lyft in order to help patients find reliable transportation for their appointments. It’s important for health care communicators to understand why that’s not surprising and how the new model of health care will continue to drive health providers to innovate around new ways of engaging with patients.

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Cirque du Big Data – #HMPS15 in Las Vegas

Summary of #HMPS15 focus on Big Data

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Communicating in the Age of Population Health

There has been much written about population health – what it means, what to do and what not to do. What’s true is that the health care needs of tomorrow’s population will not be met in hospitals alone and the financial paradigm for reimbursement has turned upside down – it’s now about value not volume. Read more

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