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NESHCo 2014

Get Talking

The recurring theme of the conference was engagement across the board – with patients, with the health care team, and with other health systems. Lanie Abbott from Eastern Maine Health System summed it up best when she explained, “Health care is a team sport.” And we saw support of this idea over and over again.

Talk with Patients to empower them with skills and knowledge to execute care, establish a collaborate spirit and set expectations. It is the surest way to reach the best outcomes, patient satisfaction and advocacy for your health care organization. Beyond care conversations, remember that every interaction, every conversation matters. We heard from Jim Rattray about how Middlesex Read more

Reaching Dual Targets in Health Care Communications

We know how it works – The patients get the fuzzy lifestyle shots; the surgeons get, well…the surgery shots. And for goodness sake, don’t mix them or you’ll wind up with underwhelmed physicians and terrified patients.

Health care communications have always had to balance multiple targets. It used to be we developed materials for patient and patient prospects that were separate from those hyper-targeted to physicians. But it’s no secret that much has changed in health care, and with that has emerged both the need and ability to streamline consumer and physicians targets…and save a little money in the process. Read more

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