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Your Hospital’s Not Special

Most of the time we spend our days helping hospitals and health systems finding a unique point of difference. Putting a finger on what makes them special and what gives patients a reason to believe. Today, we’re here to tell you what’s not special about your health care organization. And that’s the roadblocks you put in your own way. Believe it or not many of the challenges you face that are getting in the way of your brand-building initiatives have been faced before by your peers and like organizations. Here is a list of some of the most common we hear from our clients, and some tips to overcome them: Read more

Communicating in the Age of Population Health

There has been much written about population health – what it means, what to do and what not to do. What’s true is that the health care needs of tomorrow’s population will not be met in hospitals alone and the financial paradigm for reimbursement has turned upside down – it’s now about value not volume. Read more

NESHCo 2014

Get Talking

The recurring theme of the conference was engagement across the board – with patients, with the health care team, and with other health systems. Lanie Abbott from Eastern Maine Health System summed it up best when she explained, “Health care is a team sport.” And we saw support of this idea over and over again.

Talk with Patients to empower them with skills and knowledge to execute care, establish a collaborate spirit and set expectations. It is the surest way to reach the best outcomes, patient satisfaction and advocacy for your health care organization. Beyond care conversations, remember that every interaction, every conversation matters. We heard from Jim Rattray about how Middlesex Read more

Live Your Brand Promise – ISHMPR13/WHPRMS13 Recap

“I wish I could check into your billboard. It’s really friendlier than your ER.”

We just love attending regional health care conferences and leaving with take-aways applicable for health organizations big and small, rural or urban, all across the country. This year’s joint ISHMPR & WHPRMS conference (that’s Illinois and Wisconsin health care marketing and public relations societies) was no exception.

Topics were diverse, but all laddered up to a single key idea: Live Your Brand Promise. Both the opening and closing keynote presentations focused on strong brand positionings delivered all the way through the patient experience. The breakout sessions, both directly and indirectly, focused in on the execution of this same principle. Together, they tell the journey of brand promises successfully executed in 3 steps. Read more

Internal Branding Communications: Learn the Brand. Live the Brand. Be the Brand.

Strategies to develop inspired and effective internal brand advocates for your health system

Read more

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