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Aligning an AMC within its Higher Education Institution in a Single Word? 

Having worked with various AMCs and based on our observations of successful AMCs, here is our key marketing communication recommendation in a single word:


We’re talking consistency throughout all aspects of the total enterprise. Consistency in positioning. Consistency in branding. Consistency in personality. Read more

Health Care Digital Communication Categories

Targeting the right patients, with the right content, at the right time

It’s been a while since digital shook its label of “novelty” and became a full-fledged expectation. But as health systems scramble into the digital world, it’s important to understand how differently patients or patient prospects may use various digital resources. Understanding digital targets and potential usage in advance will allow you to avoid the pitfall of investing in “digital, for digital’s sake” – often with mixed results. Read more

Hospital Mergers, Acquisitions and Branding Implications

There has been considerable energy around mergers and acquisitions in health care. It seems like every time we turn around there is news that more hospitals or health systems are undergoing these changes.  Often a key outcome is the need to rename or rebrand.  Conference seminars and webinars tackle this issue with varying degrees of success and clarity.

We have led the unifying branding charge for some of our health care clients upon the acquisition of other hospitals.  It can be daunting aligning all the assets with respect to different entities (read hospitals) and service lines. While potentially complex, a simplified approach can yield great results that are collaborative, empowering and productive. Read more

Patient Motivation Factors

In these changing times of health care, everyone is searching for the magic potion that makes real connections to patients and their families.  And the noise is deafening with medical information overload across all channels, especially digital.  It can be like trying to sip from a fire hose.

In order to deliver personalized, relevant content, marketers need to overcome the general lack understanding about what motivates patient prospects to decide which hospitals and doctors to use.  Until we know more about that thought process, it will be difficult to decide how and what information needs to be disseminated.  So, what’s missing is a motivation model that helps map out the decision-making process. Read more

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