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Your Hospital’s Not Special

Most of the time we spend our days helping hospitals and health systems finding a unique point of difference. Putting a finger on what makes them special and what gives patients a reason to believe. Today, we’re here to tell you what’s not special about your health care organization. And that’s the roadblocks you put in your own way. Believe it or not many of the challenges you face that are getting in the way of your brand-building initiatives have been faced before by your peers and like organizations. Here is a list of some of the most common we hear from our clients, and some tips to overcome them: Read more

Health Care Brand Research Conundrum

When to take consumer input under advisement.

Consumer research in the marketplace is so important to gain real-time, objective feedback for any branding initiative. The question is: how much weight should that research be given? Research is not enough in and of itself to elevate your brand. To have a successful brand re-launch, this consumer learning needs to be considered with input from the various internal stakeholders to carve out an ownable niche. We have done numerous branding initiatives for hospitals, health systems and AMCs. Here are 3 ways consumer research can impact the branding process (done with this week’s World Series in mind): Read more

The Fate of The Community Hospital

Who’s sticking around and how will they stay there?

We’ve talked before about the trend of mergers and acquisitions in health care, and it’s easy to feel like the consolidation is everywhere. But let’s take a moment to examine who isn’t merging, why they remain independent, and how they will forge a strong path forward through patient experience and communications. Read more

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