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Health Care Brand Research Conundrum

When to take consumer input under advisement.

Consumer research in the marketplace is so important to gain real-time, objective feedback for any branding initiative. The question is: how much weight should that research be given? Research is not enough in and of itself to elevate your brand. To have a successful brand re-launch, this consumer learning needs to be considered with input from the various internal stakeholders to carve out an ownable niche. We have done numerous branding initiatives for hospitals, health systems and AMCs. Here are 3 ways consumer research can impact the branding process (done with this week’s World Series in mind): Read more

Aligning an AMC within its Higher Education Institution in a Single Word? 

Having worked with various AMCs and based on our observations of successful AMCs, here is our key marketing communication recommendation in a single word:


We’re talking consistency throughout all aspects of the total enterprise. Consistency in positioning. Consistency in branding. Consistency in personality. Read more

Putting the “A” Back in AMC

In their quest to adapt to health care reform and the challenges it brings, Academic Medical Centers are seeking brand opportunities to align their missions and avoid future meltdowns.

Last year’s study on Academic Medical Centers from PricewaterhouseCooper outlined 5 strategies to help AMC’s avoid a margin meltdown:

  1. Build the brand by holding faculty accountable
  2. Become part of a larger community network
  3. Push the envelope on new kinds of extenders to increase effectiveness
  4. Become an information hub to realize ROI
  5. Align the research pipeline with clinical and business strategies

A year later, and it’s clear that one way AMC’s are beginning to accomplish these strategies is through rethinking their brand. Read more

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