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Posts by John Berka, Partner & Chief Branding Officer

The Future of TeleHealth

As population health continues to permeate across the health care landscape, providers are innovating viable, convenient and affordable care options.  The surge of telemedicine represents the future of highly accessible primary care. Read more

Key Topics from the 21st Annual Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit

Being Chicagoans, we were quite proud of the outstanding summer weather we all enjoyed as a great backdrop to the 21st Annual Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit.   Read more

The Convergence of Wellness & Consumerism in Health Care

The relevancy of current health care brands is under distress in the era of population health given the collision course of these two concepts: Wellness and Consumerism. On the one hand, value-added health care is rooted in the paradigm shift to keep populations well and minimize hospital intervention.  On the other, given more patient financial responsibility and higher deductibles, consumer control and choice is greater than ever when “shopping” the price of health care. Read more

3 Ways to Live Your Pediatric Brand Through Evidence-Based Design

Bringing your health care brand to life within your walls can always be challenging. And with smaller patients come both greater challenges and importance in bringing your brand to life through your facilities. Read more

Integrating Digital Design in Health Care

Creating integrated designs across traditional and digital media can be daunting for hospitals and health systems that are battling marketing budget cuts, lack of centralized resources, or even lack of resources at all. Here's a tutorial on how to tackle this common challenge.

Read more

Medical Expenses? Get Real.

Now Comprehensive Care Can Come At Too High A Cost

The ongoing trend in health care right now is all about consumers taking control during the high-deductible, accountable care era. Let us set the stage for you.

You have an emergency and go to the hospital. The people caring for you are not covered in your insurance network and you are bombarded with surprise medical bills that have high price tags. You didn’t ask for someone not in your network. If it is mandated to have insurance coverage, why is this even happening? Read more

Creating Consistent Design Across Hospital Communications

Highlights from the Missouri Hospital Association’s Annual Conference for Public Relations and Marketing

We enjoyed June in Lake of the Ozarks. While it was hot and humid for us Chicagoans, the climate at the Summer Session was warm, refreshing and welcoming!

This past week the Missouri Hospital Association’s annual conference for Public Relations and Marketing was held at Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. We were thrilled to be able to present with our Citizens Memorial Hospital client, Tamera Heitz-Peek. We dug into the topic of ensuring consistent design throughout traditional and digital platforms. Read more

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