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Key Topics from the 21st Annual Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit

Being Chicagoans, we were quite proud of the outstanding summer weather we all enjoyed as a great backdrop to the 21st Annual Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit.  

Energy and bustle were in the air as we came together to learn, share and network with like (and better yet, unlike) minds. All in all, a very engaging and productive time together. Here are the four topics that caught our attention from the Summit:

Content, Content, Content

So many breakout sessions focused on content, and other sessions included content as part of their case studies. Wendy Wilson of Geisienger told us that consumers aren’t looking for facilities first. Instead, they are searching for and sharing information about treatments relevant to their needs, and seeking overall satisfaction with their physicians. We later learned how The City of Hope has created a “content scout” position to seek new, relevant and reliable content.

Key Takeaway: More engaging content that educates and fosters conversation has stopping power and helps drive SEO.

Brand Engagement in the Digital World

We heard from Jackie Weder of Southeast Georgia Health System on how the role of health care brands has evolved from storytellers, to editors, to engagers.  Jackie shared strong examples of the powerful transition taking place within her organization to make the brand conversation a two-way street. Brands have developed beyond just creating content, and are now making genuine connections.

Key Takeaway: It was best summed up by Lisa Stockman of City of Hope — don’t just make content, look to nurture relationships in order garner new patients and drive commerce.

The Emergence of Health Care “Switching Strategies”

We all know that population health has led a new consumerism among patients. According to Linda MacCracken, while consumers find provider-switching a hassle, the digital economy enables consumer exploration and shopping, causing switching to increase. Marketers are responding to this dynamic by focusing on the intersection between patient experience and social engagement. They aim to minimize the number one barrier to consumers making health care decisions: confusion. Suzanne Hendery of Baystate Health says Edutainment is the way to go – educate and entertain at the same time to make information more interesting.

Key Takeaway: Meet patient prospects where they research and gather information to build meaningful, transparent engagement. Then show then why your organization can best meet their needs better than any other.

Big Data & Real Time Dashboarding to Drive and Impact Results

Avinash Kaushik, Digital Evangelist for Google and Wednesday’s keynote speaker, said that creating the best content requires creating the best dashboards to make better decisions and show sustained value. Traditional conversion funnels do not work and marketers should stop shoving people down them. People simply do not behave in manner they used to, so we must seek an alternate approach. He discussed how to develop sound analytics dashboard around the central elements to See, Think, Do and Care.

Key Takeaway: Don’t just regurgitate data and make it pretty. Set a plan in place ahead of time aligned with marketing intent, figure out what the results mean, make real time adjustments.

We know there were other topics buzzing around and would love to hear your take. As always, kudos to the outstanding job by Judy Neiman and her amazing staff at the Healthcare Strategy Institute for making the 21st Summit the biggest and most successful to date!  We look forward to seeing everyone in Austin, April 24-26 2017.

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