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3 Ways to Live Your Pediatric Brand Through Evidence-Based Design

Bringing your health care brand to life within your walls can always be challenging. And with smaller patients come both greater challenges and importance in bringing your brand to life through your facilities.

A pediatric care facility must balance the delivery of state of the art care with the feelings of assurance, warmth and comfort. It must engage, delight and provide fun while meeting the special needs of children and their families. There is little room for error and the design needs to be uncompromising to advance the emotional and physical healing that’s true to your brand experience.

Here are 3 ways your brand can strongly connect with pediatric patients and their families through facility design:

1. Smaller Means Bigger

It seems like children would need less space simply by their smaller size. However, spaces actually need to be bigger to stock the variety of sizes of equipment and other items needed when treating children ranging from neonatal to teenagers. The same goes for the range of medicines in the pharmacy and technology in the rehabilitation center as just a few examples. The bed sizes also need to either adjust or switch to accommodate the different development stages and ages.

Branding Opportunity: In patient rooms, accent the room in a way that delivers on the emotional connection your brand is trying to convey. Items such as posters, brochures, even screen savers and meal menus should all have a strong branded feel.

2. Think Family Center

When it comes to pediatric care, the young patient comes with the family almost every time. So, family support locations are essential, as well as playrooms and school rooms. Newer facilities have space for family meal times and have “meet and greet” private family gathering areas.

Branding Opportunity: Consider highlighting the Family Center with colors that exude your brand’s personality through the furniture, pictures and wall accent colors. Include branded materials in the form of table tents and brochures for both the parents and the young patients.

3. Broad Appeal that “Hugs” Everyone

Cutting edge facilities are designed to treat both the long-term patients familiar with the health care environment as well as infrequent or first time patients. The facility design needs to speak to both groups from “frequent visitor” check-in kiosks to the more comprehensive registration area. Additionally, the designs of many pediatric facilities are being redone to appeal across all ages and generations of visitors and guests. While kid prevalent, the facility has to be more than just a kid’s environment – a tricky but important balance to strike.

Branding Opportunity: Consider wrapping the welcoming hugs in a “brand messaging environment” such as videos and music to set the brand tone when patients enter your facility. Prepare brand scripts for the receptionists and staff to use that pull the brand experience into one-on-one interactions.

Children’s hospitals require special attention to deal with the special needs of their young patients and families. Does your pediatric facility infuse your brand into the onsite patient experience? We would welcome to hear more about the way your brand is delivering on your promise for the children and families through facility design and innovation.

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